Botox & Dermal Fillers

Bespoke Beauty by Dr. Niamh Gavin


Unlike many other practitioners, at Bespoke Beauty we only use the Botulinum toxin brand known as BOTOX. This is more expensive than the cheaper substitutes but has the longest known safety profile, and we believe safety is paramount.

Treatment prices are based on the number of areas treated.

Typically 3 areas in the upper third of the face are treated with Botox to achieve a natural look and maintain the position of the eyebrows . "Bunny lines' can be added if requested.

Frown Lines : Lines between our eyebrows caused by frowning/ concentrating

Crows Feet : Those around the outer edges of our eyes from smiling/ squinting

Worry Lines : Horizontal lines across our forehead from raising our eyebrows in surprise/ worry

Bunny Lines : Lines next to the sides of our nose when we wrinkle our nose in distaste


1 Area: £180

2 Areas: £250

3 Areas: £300

4 Areas: £340


Men have stronger bigger muscles and therefore usually require a 50% increase in dose to achieve the same effect. Thus there is a slight increase in charge to reflect this.


Treatment prices are based on the AMOUNT of filler required (ie number of syringes), the TYPE of filler used (with the "thicker" longer lasting fillers being more expensive), and the AREA being treated.


Most Frequently Treated Areas:

Nasolabial Folds

Marionette Lines

Downturned Mouth

Deep Frown Lines

Smokers Lines

1 Syringe : £275     Additional Syringe: £175

These areas typically require 1 syringe or less when the folds/ lines are mild/ moderate Deeper grooves typically require up to 2 syringes
An assessment as to the amount required will be made during the initial consultation

Bespoke Beauty standard practice is to be conservative at the initial treatment, reassess at 4 weeks and make adjustments then if required. This avoids overcorrection and achieves natural looking results.

The second syringe is still charged at the reduced price whether it is used during the first treatment or at the 4 week review.


1 Syringe: £375 Additional Syringe: £225

The dermal filler used for loss of cheek volume (Juvederm Voluma) is "thicker" and can last up to 18 months. The product itself is more expensive and this is reflected in the treatment price.


1 Syringe: £325 Additional Syringe: £175

Dr Gavin's standard practice is to be conservative to achieve enhanced fuller lips which look natural.

This is best achieved by a client's initial enhancement being done over two treatments. 4 weeks is left between the first and second sittings so any swelling has completely resolved, and any additional filler can be added at this time.

In addition, since the lip is a very sensitive area, as well as local anaesthetic cream being applied, Dr Gavin offers a local anaesthetic "lip block" so the entire area is numb. With her client completely pain free, she is able to take her time and be meticulous in her technique.