Consumer credit or the typical portrait of the borrower

The first parameter considered in a consumer loan would be the family situation of the borrower. Indeed, the borrower does not borrow for the same project depending on whether he is a couple or a single person. In practice, work credit, for example, remains mainly requested by people living in a couple (64% of cases). On the contrary, pure cash loans and affected personal loans affect 68% of singles. Also, there are significant differences in the amount borrowed, depending on the type of loan, with borrowings that can vary from single to double.

The amounts generally contracted in terms of consumer credit

consumer credit

Generally, the average amount of a cash request or an assigned loan is equal to $ 10,000 if the average amount of a works loan is displayed at $ 22,000. The average amount requested, however, increases every year on all types of projects. In reality, the drop in rates, which also benefits consumer credit, allows borrowing more at equivalent monthly payments, according to experts in this field. Granted by a credit institution or a bank, the affected credit is granted to finance the purchase of goods or services, determined at the time of signing. Affected credit can be a good solution to optimize your purchasing power.

The different criteria related to consumer loans

consumer loans

The duration of the average credit increases by 2 months, every year. Approximately 53 months on average, consumer credit is established on an average duration of 40 months for assigned loans, 45 months for cash, 53 months for car loans and 72 months for work loans. With regard to age, the average caracole age is 40 years but the borrower of the work credit is the oldest (44 years on average), for 38 years for the youngest in car credit. Revenues are on average around $ 2,000, without missing significant disparities, from $ 1,734 for cash loans to $ 2,500 for work requests. Also, about 70% of borrowers use a bank or a lending institution, for car credit, for borrowers aged 36 to 38 years. In general, the consumer credit market benefits from a very low rate policy on the part of banks and lending institutions,

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