Pain Free IPL Laser Hair Removal using new LiteFLO technology

Price Per Treatment

Consultation and patch test £50
Full Legs £180.00
Half Leg Lower £110.00
Half Leg Upper £145.00
Forearm £65.00
Full Arm £75.00
Under Arms £40.00
Lip £20.00
Chin £22.00
Lip and Chin £38.00
Full Face £60.00
Bikini £55.00
Extended Bikini £65.00
Brazilian Bikini £75.00
Hollywood Bikini £85.00
Underarm plus Bikini £85.00

NU:YU have invested in the brand new InteliBrite IPL LiteFLO system. This means that full body laser hair removal treatment can now be done in minutes, with no pain. LiteFLO technology overcomes the two disadvantages of traditional laser hair removal. Namely, long drawn out treatments and the pain caused to you every time a shot of light energy was delivered to the body.

Lengthy sessions involving pain are not most people's idea of fun, so laser or IPL hair removal treatments had, for most people, just been used for smaller, isolated areas of hair growth.

This led to a slow uptake of laser treatment from the rapidly growing number of clients who desired full body hair removal treatment.

Fortunately there's now a treatment that offers all the benefits of light-based hair removal that's sensationally rapid, but best of all - totally pain free.

Called 'LiteFLO' technology this new innovation delivers IPL hair removal by simply skimming the handset gently over the surface of the skin. This means that both large and small areas of unwanted hair are treated in minutes - a full body treatment is easily completed in less than a 1 hour session.

Each treatment is much quicker compared to traditional lasers and IPL machines that use 'point and shoot' treatment - the 'LiteFLO' technology makes treatments that these other machines offer look awkward and old-fashioned.

The experience is very different for you. As opposed to being awkwardly adjusted and asked to pose in unnatural positions for minutes at a time while shot-after-shot is delivered, with LiteFLO the client is free to relax while the handset glides smoothly across the skin.

The other enormous benefit for a client is the total lack of pain involved in the LiteFLO's treatment. Many clients are now treating larger areas that would previously have been considered too uncomfortable.

All NU:YU IPL Laser hair removal experts have undergone extensive training in IPL Laser hair removal and are externally certificated.

A consultation with your IPL hair removal therapist will discuss your hair removal expectations and establish whether IPL Permanent Hair Reduction is suitable for you, along with the number of IPL treatments and required. The number of IPL hair removal treatments will depend upon the area being treated and your hair and skin type. Please ask in the salon for an IPL information leaflet and a Patients Guide to IPL Hair Removal.

An IPL Patch test, for those wishing to proceed, costs £50 and can be done at the same time as the Consultation. This amount is redeemable against the cost of your IPL hair removal treatment.