Manicures from OPI and Biosculpture

OPI Manicures

Manicure £25
Deluxe Manicure with moisturising warm mittens £30
File and Varnish Manicure £16
OPI GelColour Manicure £26
Soak off and replace gel manicure £30
Gel Hands and Feet £47
Soak Off and replace Hands and Feet £57
Soak Off £10

OPI Pedicures

Pedicure £30
Deluxe Pedicure with moisturising warm booties £38
File and Varnish Pedicure £16
OPI GelColour Pedicure £26
Soak Off and Replace Gel Pedicure £30

Biosculpture Manicures

Biosculpture manicures and pedicures provide a beautiful, flexible and naturally strong gel overlay, with no damage to your natural nails. Choose from a range of permanent, non-chip colour gels, clear, or permanent French, over your own nails.This product not only provides a beautiful salon finish, but it enables you to grow your own nails.
Clear Biosculpture Gel Overlays £29
Colour Biosculpture Gel Overlays £33
French Biosculpture Gel Overlays £33